About us and our Aboriginal education

Gallang Education and Training is the registered training arm of Gallang Place. Our Registered Training Organisation number is 40564.

Gallang Place is a highly respected non-profit organisation that has been providing support and counselling services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people since 1994.

Understanding our name

Why are we called Gallang Education and Training?

The word “gallang” is a term from the Jagera Nation which means “healing”. Using this word in our organisation name reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting and helping our communities heal.

Permission was granted to use this word for our service by Jagera Elder the late Senator Neville Bonner AO. We operate under this name with the understanding of our immense responsibility to provide essential and invaluable services to the Indigenous community.

The GET Vision

Our organisational vision is to ensure the provision of qualified counsellors to support healthy social and emotional wellbeing in every Indigeouns community to promote stronger families and ensure future support.

Our aims and objectives

GET partners

GET works with a number of partners to ensure we deliver high quality training. We thank the organisations providing us with funding support including:

GET maintains a number of connections with providers, peak bodies and individuals in the training, health and wellbeing areas including: